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Age related macular degeneration

Dr Nishant Kumar is a leading expert on AMD, geographic atrophy, drusen, dry AMD, wet AMD, intra-vitreal injections, laser and retinal surgery for eye disease due to macular degeneration.

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Age related macular degeneration conditions treated by Dr. Nishant Kumar

Age Related Macular Degeneration is the commonest cause of blindness in people above the age of 60. Up to 5 years ago there was no good treatment for this condition resulting in thousands losing vision and going blind.

Over the last 5 years management of this condition has changed completely. With advances in technology, early changes can be detected enabling us treat the condition before it can cause any reduction in vision.

New treatments like injections into the eyes (intra vitreal injection) have revolutionalised outcomes of patients. Today more than 90% of people will maintain their vision with treatment and 30 to 35% will get an improvement in vision. This was unimaginable before the advent of these injections.

Dr. Nishant Kumar is respected as one of the leading experts in India for age related macular degeneration and has been a part of a number of milestone clinical trials which today form standard of care for this condition.

At Hinduja Hospital, Dr. Nishant Kumar has some of the latest equipment for imaging the retina. At Hinduja, Dr. Kumar is able to provide world class treatment, state of the art technology at affordable prices.

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