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Prestigious Awards and Grants

Dr Nishant Kumar has received prestigious awards for his clinical and research work from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists London, ARVO and he is the recipient of the Rising Star Award. His philanthropic work through Eyebetes Foundation has been recognised globally.

Rising Star Award; 2015

Dr. Nishant Kumar was bestowed this honour by the Indian Academy of Diabetes at the International Symposium of Diabetes in 2015 for my research and clinical work in diabetic related eye disease. I am the first Ophthalmologist to have been given this award.

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). Pauline & Oswald Lapp Grant; 2012

Dr. Nishant Kumar was awarded this prestigious grant by the ARVO board to present research I did with Dr Spaide in New York. Only 5 researchers are selected annually to receive this very competitive award.

HCA grant, London; 2011

This was a grant awarded by HCA, London in support of my Fellowship at Columbia University and the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, New York. This is a very respected and prestigious grant and to the best of my awareness I am the only Ophthalmologist to have secured this grant.

Royal College of Ophthalmology, London

Dr. Nishant Kumar has received grants from this very prestigious organisation to present my research work and to collaborate with and establish links with international eye centres to promote research in the UK.

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