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Dr. Nishant Kumar is one of the very few internationally trained Uveitis experts in India, specialising in medical and surgical management of complex patients.

Inflammation and Infectious diseases of the eye

Uveitis – Inflammation and Infectious diseases of the eye

Uveitis includes a group of eye diseases caused due to infection or inflammation of the eye. There are a number of causes for the disease and the management of the same is very dependent on correctly identifying the disease, properly investigating the patient and then formulating long term management plan.

Unfortunately there are very few trained Uveitis Specialist in India. Many Eye Doctors treat patients with the disease without the super specialist training required often resulting in poor outcome.

Dr. Nishant Kumar is the only Eye Doctor in India who is trained in the management of uveitis in internationally renowned centers like Moorfields Eye Hospital, Bristol Eye Infirmary and Vitreous Retina Macula, New York.

At Moorfields Hospital Dr. Nishant Kumar was managing patients with complex uveitis who were referred to the hospital from all across UK and Europe. Moorfields is a tertiary referral centre for the disease and patients with most complex diseases are referred there for management.

Management of this disease requires a multi-disciplinary team. At Hinduja Hospital, Khar, Dr. Nishant Kumar has set up a team of Consultant Rheumatologists, Chest Physician and General Medicine Specialists who help in the management and care of patients.  All members of this team are leading specialists in their field.

At Hinduja Hospital Khar, Dr. Kumar is able to provide complete care and management solutions involving multiple doctors under one roof, making this one of the best eye centers for uveitis.

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Dr. Nishant Kumar – The Best Eye Doctor in India is available at P D Hinduja Hospital, Khar, Mumbai.

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