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Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Nishant Kumar is only the second Ophthalmologist to have been awarded Fulbright Scholarship for a clinical program.

A Prestigious Scholarship

Dr. Nishant Kumar was selected as a Fulbright Scholar and pursued a Clinical and Research Fellowship at Vitreous Retina Macula (VRM), New York and Columbia University, New York in 2011-2012.

Created in 1948, the U.S. Department of State sponsors the Fulbright Program. It is now one of the most prestigious and recognisable awards worldwide.

Fubright Scholar

Since its inception, more than 40 Fulbright Scholars have gone on to become Noble Laureates, seventy-eight have won the Pulitzer Prize and 15 have become Heads of State.

Dr. Nishant Kumar is honoured to be a Fulbright Scholar and is only the second Ophthalmologist to have been awarded this prestigious Scholarship for a clinical program.

He pursued a Retina Fellowship at Columbia University and the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, New York with Prof Yannuzzi, Dr Freund and Dr Spaide as a Fulbright Scholar. Prof Yannuzi and Dr Spaide are amongst the most respected and renowned retinal specialists in the world. During his time with them, they did some pioneering research which has been presented at various international meetings and also been published in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals. The research they did will change clinical practice and shape the direction of future research, especially in the management of eyes with age related macular degeneration.

Being a Fulbright Scholar also helped Dr. Nishant meet global achievers from all parts of the world who have excelled in their chosen fields. It is a unique opportunity to meet and interact from people from across the globe and be inspired by their journeys and experiences.

The Fulbright Alumni is a very powerful organisation and is a great medium to meet and network with leaders in different fields. Dr. Nishant has found that being a Fulbright has opened a lot of research and philanthropic opportunities.

He is now involved with the Fulbright Program as a mentor for new Fulbright Scholars.

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