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Cataract Surgery

The best global technology and expertise with the latest surgical equipment and lenses for cataract surgery is available with Dr. Nishant Kumar at Hinduja Hospital, Khar.

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Cataract Surgery conditions treated by Dr. Nishant Kumar at Hinduja Hospital, Khar

Cataract surgery is being performed in almost every nook and corner of the city and most patients wrongly believe that this is a simple operation and everyone does well. This is unfortunately untrue.

Done wrongly, cataract surgery can have many complications often leading to reduced vision and the need for multiple operations.

Dr. Nishant Kumar used to perform all complex cataract surgeries at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The most complicated cataract surgery are those following uveitis or previous retinal surgery. Most Cataract Surgeons would not like to deal with such patients however due to his expertise in retina, uveitis and cataract surgeries, Dr. Nishant Kumar performed these surgeries regularly.

Dr. Nishant Kumar provides surgery options using state-of-the-art technology and unmatched surgical expertise.

If a Cataract Surgeon has complications he is depending on the Retinal Surgeon to bail him out. Being an expert in both, retina and cataract a surgery makes Dr. Nishant Kumar an ideal Surgeon to deal with both simple and complex cataracts.

Dr. Nishant Kumar is only one of the very few surgeons to use a disposable system for cataract surgeries. This is an international standard of care, however in India instruments are sterilized and the same instruments used multiple times on multiple patients. This increases the risks of infection.

Despite using a disposable system our costs are often less than other centers in this city.

Dr Kumar is able to safely operate on patients with multiple health issues. Operating in a hospital offers the patient the security of having the back up and availability of multiple specialities and an ICU in-case there are any health issues during or post surgery.

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Dr. Nishant Kumar – The Best Eye Doctor in India is available at P D Hinduja Hospital, Khar, Mumbai.

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