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Vitreo – Macular Disorders

Dr. Nishant Kumar offers the newest surgical techniques using the latest surgical equipment for macular hole and epiretinal membrane surgery and other vitreo-macular diseases.

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vitreo macular diseases conditions treated by Dr. Nishant Kumar at Hinduja Hospital, Khar

Dr. Nishant Kumar is an expert in the management of vitreo macular disorders like epiretinal membrane, macular hole and vitreo-macular traction. Many of these diseases require surgery and Dr. Kumar is the only eye surgeon in India to have trained extensively in the UK and USA to manage these conditions.

Dr. Kumar is able to provide state of the art diagnostic technology, most recent surgical equipment and his skills honed over years to manage these complex eye conditions.

Retinal vascular disease like retinal vein occlusion and retinal artery occlusion are common causes of reduced vision. With today’s advances in technology we have great treatments to restore visual loss in these patients.

Dr. Kumar has been involved in some of the landmark clinical trials for these conditions and is a leading expert in the management of retinal vascular diseases.

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Dr. Nishant Kumar – The Best Eye Doctor in India is available at P D Hinduja Hospital, Khar, Mumbai.

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