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July 3, 2017 Media Coverage

Some may be more prone to eyesight problems, but everyone’s at risk. Do you know enough about ocular health?

A grandparent may have told you that you could stave off myopia with a daily glass of carrot juice, and advertisements for sunglasses may have contributed to your knowledge about how UV rays can damage your eyes, but is the information you have accurate, and are you armed with all the necessary facts to keep your eyes healthy? See how many answers you get right.


August 29, 2016 Media Coverage

This Ganesh Chaturthi, doctors from all over the world will gather with celebrities and educational institutes to break a new Guinness World Record on September 11– the largest number of people screened for ‘eyebetes’ in a single location on a single day. Dr Nishant Kumar, who started the initiative, said that he wanted to highlight the relationship between diabetes and blindness in India and targeted the devotees of Lalbaugcha Raja for the ambitious project.

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