Health Blessing at Lalbaugcha Raja! – Afternoon Despatch & Courier

September 2, 2016Media Coverage

Health Blessing at Lalbaugcha Raja! – Afternoon Despatch & Courier

September 2, 2016

Dr. Nishant Kumar is no ordinary doctor. Apart from being the second ophthalmologist in the world to have received a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Senate, Dr. Kumar’s empathy and understanding of his Indian patients has led him to conduct what is to be one of themost ambitious medical projects undertaken in the city during Ganesh Utsav.

The good doctor has planned a host of eye-screening and ‘Diabetes Awareness’ initiatives between 2 and 13 September. These will be undertaken with help from the organisers of one ofMumbai’smost prominent Ganeshas- the Lalbaugcha Raja and a host of top- notch celebrities. This includes SachinTendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and many more.

The campaign is taking place on such a grand scale that on 11 September, the group of doctors and celebrities alongwithDr. Kumar are hoping to create a unique Guinness World Record for the maximum number of ‘eyebetes’ screenings in a single location worldwide! The project has been named ‘Eyebetes, because diabetes blinds!’

Not only is the project commendable for its magnificent size, but also for its intention. Dr. Kumar wants to draw the attention of the Lalbaugcha Raja devotees and all Mumbaikars to the correlation between diabetes and blindness in India.

He spoke of the project and the need for scaling up the awareness, not only for the general public, but for the medical community as well.

The process will be streamlined and strengthened by on-ground presence of doctors and technology aswell. All visitors to the Raja in Lalbaug will be screened and have their height,weight, blood and other levels tested. The results will be posted online for themto access. For 12 days,the process will be conducted free of charge.

The project will involve nurses, doctors, paramedics, security personnel, event coordinators and 300-plus volunteers. Dr. Kumar says they are looking to distribute detailed leaflets aswell as use the data collected to strengthen the Indian research initiatives on diabetes.

So make sure that when you pay a visit to the Lalbaugcha Raja this year to seek out blessings, seek out a doctor and get your health blessed, as well!

We are confident that we will screen more than 15,000 diabetics, administer a detailed survey to characterise the Indian diabetic amongst 10,000 diabetics and distribute more than 5,00,000 leaflets for the initiative
– Dr. Nishant Kumar

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